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MinimStreamer can play the BBC HLS AAC streams

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MinimStreamer 0.7.8 has been released


MinimServer is available to users free of charge. The free version doesn't expire after a limited time, hasn't had any features removed, and doesn't annoy you with reminder pop-ups. There's no paid-for 'Pro' version, and there aren't any adverts. There's an active support forum where most questions are answered the same day. Any bugs reported are investigated promptly and fixed in the next release.

Although MinimServer is free to users, it isn't free of development costs. The main expense is buying equipment for development and testing on the wide range of platforms that MinimServer supports. As well as continuing to add features to MinimServer, I'd like to add support for more platforms, which involves additional equipment costs.

If you've tried MinimServer and decided that you want to use it, please consider helping with the costs of MinimServer development by making a voluntary donation. There's no recommended amount—please give what you feel MinimServer is worth to you.

To make a donation, select the currency for your donation (GBP, EUR or USD) and press the Donate button below. You'll be taken to a page on the Paypal website where you can enter your donation amount and payment details.
Thank you very much for supporting MinimServer with your donation!

Simon Nash